I am a Christian communicator who loves speaking to groups of teens as well as helping them one on one. I truly care about the lives of today’s students and desire to see them succeed in life.

I want to help this generation through the journey called life. I want to help point them in the right direction. I look to the past and I see all of the mistakes I have made. I want to take those mistakes and the lessons learned to help others out.

I look to the present and all around me are people who are hurting and seeking. They’re hurting from mistakes made, relationships broken, emptiness, and so many other things. Society offers promises of success and satisfaction that are nothing more than mirages which look good from a distance but up close aren’t even real. People turn to drugs, alcohol, lust, sexual promiscuity and perversions, and so many other things only to end up lonelier and seeking for more. They’re seeking for something real; something legit. They’re seeking love, acceptance, and purpose to name a few things.

My desire is to share the “real” thing with others, the One who offers hope and a future, The One who came so that we may have life and have it more abundantly. The ONLY One who can truly offer love, acceptance, and purpose.

He is my best friend; my Savior. His name is Jesus.

I would love to be a part of your next event.

*speaking sample coming soon…


It is my privilege to join others in recommending to you Ernest and Debra Parker. Their passion to reach and teach today’s youth is evident. Those who choose to partner with them can be assured of their dedication, desire, and love for the Lord.

Kevin Kennedy // Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church

It is without hesitation or reservation that I recommend Ernest and Debra as competent and compassionate communicators of God’s Word to this generation.

Dan Brown // Founder and President, Lift Student Ministries

We were blessed for Ernest and Debra to come and share their ministry with us. The students were so impressed by the attention they showed them. Ernest is a great speaker and they would be great for your ministry. We look forward to having them back soon.

Bud Gates // Singing Hills Youth Camp


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