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February 21, 2010, 6:00 pm
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Please read the email below. It sounds way too familiar. It seems that not too much has changed when it comes to parents getting their adoptive kids out of Haiti. The US Embassy seems to still be a mess and not much of a help. You guys came to our rescue and helped in a major way when we were working to get Ronel home. Will you do the same for her. As we have said before, our story is only one of many…Thanks. BTW, since sending this email she has went public so we need to get her story out to anyone and everyone we can. Thanks again.
I’ve been following your story while waiting for my son to come home. He is two and from Children of the Promise in Cap Haitien, Haiti. My blog is I just don’t want you to think that I am a crazy stalker!
Will you please pray for our situation right now?
On Friday morning, I flew into PAP on an Agape flight. I was met at the airport by two escorts from the orphanage and six children. I was coming to help escort my son, Reese, age two, and five other children home to the United States. We waitied all day at the US Embassy for the last military flight out of there. (It was so wonderful to be with Reese) All of the children were cleared to leave, signed off by the Prime Minister, etc. The flight was cancelled. Big surprise. We were told we could make our own private arrangements b/c there would be no more military flights out. We arranged to have Agape flights fly us out on noon on Saturday. We stayed with the children in a guest house on Friday night.
On Saturday morning, we packed up the kids in a taxi and headed to the airport. Minutes after the taxi dropped us off, we were attacked by an angry mob of men saying that we were trying to steal the children. They tried to take the kids from us. The Haitian police came and detained all of us. It was horrible until the US Embassy got there. They were pretty worthless though. We sat on the street with the children outside of the airport for six hours while the Haitian police, border patrol, immigration, and the US embassy had a huge pissing match. It was unbeliveable. Then they took us down to a police station for three hours while they continued to sort things out.  Thye let us go, but they took the children from us and they are sitting in a Unicef tent camp. I’m writing this out and I can’t even believe that this has happened. I am staying at an international doctor’s house. The US Embassy is “working” on it. Actually, I’m pretty sure that Hillary Clinton has gotten involved. It escalated quickly. I know for sure that my senator from MN is heavily involved. My husband is in Florida right now waiting for us to get out of Haiti. He was going to meet the plane on Saturday afternoon!
I am a strong believer and Jesus’ supernatural peace is comforting me right now, but my mind seems so muddled that I can barely from coherent words to pray. Will you please pray on behalf of Reese and the other children? I’m not posting this on my own blog yet, because I don’t want my parents to worry and be so upset.
Even though I have never met you, I feel a bond with your family as we have fought to get our children out of Haiti.
Sarah Thacker

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Praying for you and the children!

Comment by Jennifer South

Sara I pray that you can feel our prayers. Our little one is Albert. We are doing all we can on this end and trying to get EVERYONE involved. We wish we could be there to hold your hand but please know that you may feel alone but a great cloud of witnesses surround you. We love you!

Comment by VanZee

Thank you for posting this. Many people all over the country are praying and trying to help resolve this horrible situation. Sara is not alone.

Comment by Lorenda

Thanks for praying! Albert is SUCH a sweetheart. You will fall even more in love the moment you hold him. Quite the cuddler. He has handled the situation well.

Comment by Sarah

Watching and praying in Cincinnati. You aren’t alone. Don’t give up!

Comment by Karen Osler

Blessings and all good things in abundance to you and the children. Know that there are a lot of people praying for you. Special peace hugs.

Comment by Kate Anne

praying for all of you


Comment by Deb Bibart

Thank you for doing this to bring the kids home. We are waiting for Simon and Jeff. I am in Miami waiting forward to holding them in my arms. Looking forward to the day they get on U.S. soil! It will happen

Comment by Kraig Michels

You are most welcomed. Having Ronel with us has already blessed our lives more than can be imagined. Can’t think of life without him. Praying the same for all of the other families waiting for their kids and will help in any way possible to see that happen.

Comment by ernestparker

Prayers for you and the children!

Comment by Angie S

Any chance you can provide the name of the Minnesota senator that is involved? I’d be more than happy to make an appeal in the morning to that Senator’s office – I am a constituent and a very interested party. We are praying for a quick and successful outcome.

Comment by Randy M

Senator Klobucher (sp)

Comment by Lorenda

Thanks – I will call her office in the morning

Comment by Randy M

I don’t know how else to get this to you since I don’t have your email. But you have no idea how much those few words have meant to us. We cannot wait to get our arms around Albert.

Comment by VanZee

Praying for the children and their parents waiting for them. May God bring the children home.

Comment by Jean Heisey in PA

Heavenly Father ~ Please move your MIGHTY hand over Haiti and work above the fray to free the children up to get to their homes with their parents. Tug on the heartstrings of many to adopt these precious ones. All that Your Gospel be spread in a big way! Thank you for hearing us. We claim Your victory in Haiti! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Comment by Julie Caudill

I am praying for you. Our daughter has been held in Pittsburgh for the past month while the US Government “Writes a policy”. Praying.

Comment by Virginia

A report on this landed on, Thought you might be interested:

Comment by Susan Cobb

Thank you for all of your prayers and help. She is planned to bring her child and the other 5 children to the US with her today. God is good.

Comment by ernestparker

I am just praying for her right now that she is indeed able to take the children to the US with no more delay. Perhaps this has already happened, in which case PRAISE GOD!

Comment by anewcreation

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