February 12, 2010, 4:57 pm
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Why don’t people like going to church? Although there are many different answers to this, one of the ones that I have heard the most is that church is boring…

Now, I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning and I really don’t think God intended for church to be boring. God is not a boring god. When we look to Scripture we don’t see Jesus, the disciples, or any of the other followers of Him leading boring lives…so why do we?

We are the ones that make church boring. We are the ones that make God boring. If anything has been reiterated in my life during the recent events, its that following God is not boring…God does not write boring stories…we make them boring with our mundane, safe lives of complacency and comfort.

Church isn’t boring due to the lack of programs and activities, or the style of music that’s played, the version of Scripture that’s used, etc…it’s boring due to the lack of passion and unabandoned love for God and our neighbor.

When we throw aside selfish ambition, when we throw aside the pursuit of comfort and complacency, when we realize following God is more than showing up to church on Sundays and Wed. (or whatever days you go), when we realize that following God is more than throwing a check into a plate as its passed by, when we realize that following God is more than putting a fish emblem on our car or listening to Christian radio, when we throw aside our own agenda and fully sell out to God’s it is then the true adventure begins…

May we all climb out of our cocoon of safety and complacency and join the wild adventurous life of truly following God and living lives of true love!!!


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should I be scared?

Comment by debra parker

Good post. And so true. For years God worked to pull me out of the quicksand of ‘churchianity.’ I finally ‘heard’ and understood that God still wants what He wanted when Jesus walked in the flesh. He wants to heal, cast out devils, visit the widows and orphans in their affliction, love the neighbors, serve tables, give a cup of water, give rather than receive, bind up the broken hearted, to love with the heart of God…to save man from the grips of death. He did all that and said, ‘greater things will you do.’ That’s why our Christianity is boring. It’s a ‘powerless’ christianity. We have to get it right. Eternity for all man…depends on it.


Comment by internet elias

Yes..I will share your post…Beautiful…And is the truth that we need to understand. I have 2 kids , 11 and 13 years old. They need to read and understand this article too. Thank you.

Comment by Soraya A

May we indeed!

Amen to that.

Comment by anewcreation

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