My thoughts on Fireproof…take it or leave it.
February 1, 2009, 6:40 pm
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I am no doubt going to upset some people, especially some of you I call friends.

I finally watched the infamous Fireproof movie. I have been told time and time again how great it is and how I need to watch it. I was told with conviction how they did such a great job and the acting was much better than “Facing the Giants” which was the last “big” “Christian” movie which was also made by Sherwood Baptist Church. My wife and I were even reprimanded for going and seeing another movie at the theaters instead of seeing Fireproof. (We made the right decision.)

I have to be honest in saying that at least with Facing the Giants I finally got over the acting and for the most part liked the movie. With Fireproof, I understand the message that they were wanting to send. I fully agree that marriage is a commitment that is to last a lifetime. I can also relate to the message because there was a time when my marriage faced some difficult times. Since that time it has been my desire to help others through these times as well. I love the idea of sacrificially and unconditionally loving your spouse and praying for them and I love the heart and intent of Sherwood in the making of this movie but can’t help but find myself agreeing with this critic when he says,

“Fireproof isn’t merely preaching to the already converted; it’s helping to further alienate the unconverted and the skeptical.”

I guess I am just waiting for the day that a “Christian” movie actually measures up to the quality of Hollywood. It saddens me that many times “Christian” things end up being cheap knock-offs of secular stuff (such as all of the Christian tees that take the logo or slogan of a popular add and changes it up just enough to call it Christian – i.e. the “Godwiser” shirts that looks just like a Budwieser shirt) or fail to measure up in quality. Honestly, of I weren’t a Christian or if I hadn’t had so many people tell me I should watch it I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first 30 minutes.

Anyway, I have probably upset enough of you so I will resign for now and turn my attention to the Superbowl…Go Cards!


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I wonder what people say (those having serious struggles in their marriages) about the movie. I’ve heard raving reviews as well but only from marriages what are doing well already.

Just curious.

Comment by Robert C

Christian movies have a long way to go but the movies by Sherwood have gotten progressively better. Yes, I have seen all 3 of their movies.

Comment by TheDeeZone

Ran into your blog and felt I would like to comment. I agree that the quality of the film making could improve and preaching to the choir is probably true, however, there are several Christian’s who I have encountered who saw the film and it has had an impact to their marriage. Christian marriages do struggle and if this film was only shown it churches I think it would then be said that is was only intended for the believers.

When my wife and I saw the movie there was a couple in front of us who kept commenting to each other that they didn’t know the film was going to be “religious” but sat through it and in the end listening to their comments know that it had an impact. Sowing seeds…

Church every Sunday is preaching to the choir, but it impacts people where they are at the time…

I do agree however about Christian plagiarism… It needs to come to an end. If I see one more knock off tee I will freak out. Be creative and come up with original ideas and let the world copy us for a change.

Thanks for you review…


Comment by Keith Carey

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