What’s wrong with the church today?
January 24, 2009, 11:29 am
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I was reading an article this morning and this quote stuck out to me,

“Search “Church attendance drops” in Google and you will find article after article about the drop in church attendance here in the US.  Why?  I believe people find they are not perfect and so they don’t come back.”

I think I agree, this is one of the main reasons, that and the lack of relevancy.  However, I choose to defer to expound until I hear some of your thoughts…so, what do you think?


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I think (personally hugely involved in church!) that if the America wide displacency is on perfection, then chuch can’t exist. Who of us is perfect? If the church has put on a holier than thow attitude, then shame on us! While the world goes merrily all to Hell we are worryin about being perfect? Are charge from Christ is to give the world the gospel. Not to scan and pick who comes to church and who don’t.

Comment by Canaan Hackler

Truly I am not at all surprised at the drop in Church attendance because people are tired of being beat up & put down they get enough of that from the world it’s so sad but true.The type of love most of us show is Nothing like the love Jesus showed people. His Love drew others to him,but not so today in most Churches people are just looking for something to point there fingers about at others. And God is not at all pleased with our actions if the shoe fits us,and I do believe God is about to really deal with his Church-us.
Love in Christ Pat

Comment by pttyann

I think…

it’s because there’s too much talking.

I think…

it makes me sad.

I think…

its also because it sometimes feels like you can’t win.

Great question. I could go on thinking about it…


Comment by Kelly

Thank you for your thoughts. I was hoping to get a few more views on this but that is okay.
Kelly – It is sad. The place of refuge and safety should be safe.
Here is my very abbreviated opinion which does not go fully into all of my thought on this issue. As I said I do agree that the “Church” falls into the trap of creating an image that a “good Christian” should fit into. They should look this way, talk this way, listen to this music, etc. When people try to measure up to this and fall short it can become frustrating and without loving support would definitely drive people away.
I personally have seen people come to church and be told they weren’t dressed right, didn’t act right, etc all in the name of Jesus.
My question would be, “Would those that Christ aquainted Himself with be accepted in the average church today without any stares, whispers, and dear sisters willing to ‘show them the way’?”
Other reasons I believe church attendance is dropping is lack of relevance and self-centeredness. Too many churches are more concerned with “what can I get out of this” or “what can you do for me?” or even petty things like the music, the way people dress, etc. instead of loving God and loving people as Christ commanded and being more concerned with “how can we make a difference?” “How can we show the love of Christ to others?”
I know that this is not the case for all churches but this is my opinion on the problem on the church as a whole.

Comment by ernestparker


I have never been part of a church like that. I have only attended Ecclesia, and never felt concerned about fashion…LOL!! Actually, I didn’t before I went to Ecclesia!

I have other concerns, I have thought about quitting church and just staying home. I have felt lost and alone, even in a rather accepting place. I have felt overwhelmed and manipulated, encouraged, inflated, confused and devastated, in love and elated… I have felt all sorts of things, positive and negative.

My perception, truly, for why people stop going to church…is that they see too much ego and not enough God. People need light to grow, they need to see a spark of hope in one another. People long to truly live into the freedom Jesus brought…but they also want to be in control, they seek to expand into God, but get closed off in their humanness.

Love to your fam!


Comment by Kelly

I see the main problem is milk teachings at best. Nobody is getting equipped, and there is no time or place for an equipped person to do what he/she is supposed to do, unless it is out of the church. We are to go from milk to meat. What is meat? Not only knowing, but doing. Who does what in your church? Who lays hands on the sick? Who does prophesy? Who has a word of knowledge? and on and on.

Second problem, quiet time, waiting for a prophesy.

Third is getting together in small groups, like the church was in the first 300 years when it was growing like tongues of fires in persecution. Like China. I sometimes hope Christianity is not made legal in China, it may become like what we have here in the West.

People are bored, rightly so, due to above.

We need to teach the kids the gifts and have them ministering to the adults. Barna says 80% of youth in college dropping out of Christianity or Church. Wow, not.

I have a meeting tonight because a key figure is resigning, he is in the congregation, not leadership. I hope the meeting called by pastors is not just a talk session by them. I hope they bring their notebooks and take some notes. Bored people who are on meat have something to say.

God Bless, I love the church and will remain silent no more, our remnant must survive.


Comment by Bill

I would say that I agree with most of what everyone has said, but I’ll add in another point. I think the reason for decline in America has a lot to do with the prosperity that we all cherish. Why does the average American need God? They can get anything their family needs by working for it, or asking the government for a hand out. Some of our American beliefs, such as we’ll pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, have actually contradicted what the Bible has to say about our need for God. The average American doesn’t need church, and rules, and a hope for their lives. They are just fine aspiring to make money and live the life of luxury that our country provides.

I do believe that there are certain points in people’s lives where they go through a trial and they realize their need for God, but in those times are we as Christians really ready to step out and meet their needs? Are our eyes open to see the needs? I believe the meat teachings are really simple teachings that are hard to live out, like loving your neighbor as yourself, turning the other cheek, doing your work as to God, etc. Jesus’ teachings are so basic, yet those are the teachings that seem to get passed over for “deeper” Christian doctrines. I know I still battle with simple obedience on the easy teachings. I don’t even need to worry about the “deeper” things. If I can live out the simple things, and help people at my church to get those things under control in their lives, I know we’ll be making a difference for the kingdom of God.

Comment by Aaron Lybrand

I read my bible in detail, verse by verse, word for word, starting in Genesis to the end of Revelation. One bible verse completely opened my eyes and revealed almost every Pastor I had heard was lying that non-tithing Christians are cursed according to Malachi 3:7-8. Malachi 3 was said to Jews under the Old Covenant law. It was not said to Gentiles under the New Covenant of Grace. Jesus died to give us a clean slate and daily Grace. There is no more mention of keeping any Old Covenant law like tithing or keeping the Sabbath Laws after Jesus died. Matthew 23:23 was before Jesus died on the Cross.

Galatians 3:13-14 Christ has REDEEMED US FROM THE CURSE OF THE LAW… WOW! FEW Christians understand this cancels the Malachi 3 curse said before Jesus died! Why because some would rather believe the Pastor who said tithe or still be cursed, instead.

Logic kicked in because anyone with half a brain should understand there is no way to be cursed from not keeping the tithe law yet still cursed!
Gal.3:13-14 Cancels out the Malachi 3:7-8 in the Old Testament!

Now how can I trust most Pastors to tell the truth about the tithe law. Also, there is not one flat out mandatory verse to command tithing after Jesus died on the Cross and said Paid in full!

Comment by Suzy

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