Hating the Haters…
January 19, 2009, 9:33 pm
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Throughout the journey of my life I have encountered many different type of people coming from many different backgrounds, and seeing things from many different perspectives.
The same is true when it comes to the those I have encountered in the “religious” realm.
I have been around people who could be labeled “conservative”. I have been around people who could be labeled “liberal” I have even been around those we might call “legalistic”. What does all of that really mean?
Is it how you dress? What kinds of songs you sing in worship? Whether you raise your hands or not in worship? What version of the Bible you read? Do you really think God gets caught up in that?
I honestly think that Satan uses these things to distract Christians from doing the things that really matter; that really makes a difference. Also to keep our focus off of him and onto each other. Jesus said it himself, “A house divided among itself will fall.”
So why to we allow ourselves to be divided so easily?
It’s really easy to point the finger at the other.
I’ve had people tell me that the only acceptable English version of the Bible is the KJV. I have had people tell me that women shouldn’t wear pants. I have had people tell me all kinds of things about what a “Christian” should look like or talk like, or act like. Reminds me of in the Bible when the Jews were trying to make the Gentile converts get circumcised before they were deemed spiritually “acceptable”. What did God have to say about that? Anyway, sorry, back on track…
I don’t mind that others have these preferences, but that’s all it is…a preference. And when we try to push our preferences upon people as law or rules we become religious tyrants, or pharisees if you will.
One such case that really affected me was when a girl showed up to a church for the first time ever. She was a friend of one of the kids in the youth group…and she was wearing shorts. The youth pastor proceeds to tell her that if she wanted to go along she would have to go home and change into something other than shorts or pants. She left and never came back…The question that was left lingering in my mind was, “Was it it worth it?” Was her wearing shorts worth the possibility of her never giving God a chance again?
God is a god of love and we are to love. Isn’t that what Christ said when he said the 2 greatest commandments are to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves? Love God, Love People!
There’s not a lot of love in judgment, especially when we are in no place to judge.
I have to be honest to say that “legalistic” judgmental “Christians” tick me off. It makes me angry to see a person turned away from the church over a pair of shorts. It makes me mad when Christians come up with their lists of “dos and don’ts” people must check off or ‘spiritual boxes” that people must fit into before they are “acceptable”.
Think about it. What would happen if a prostitute walked into your church services on a Sunday morning (or whatever day you worship on)? Or if a dirty, smelly, homeless man walked into your services with their torn clothes? Or if a known homosexual came in? What words would be whispered? What stares would be given? How would they be treated? It’s sad to think about, especially when these are some of the ones that Christ spent much of His time with…(Uh oh, it’s also one of the things that the Pharisees condemned Christ for…sorry, I did it again…)
Yes, I believe we are called to love…everyone! I believe we are to give, and to serve, and to love, and to sacrifice for others, just as Christ does and has done for us.
Yes, I get angry at the “Christian haters”.
Here’s the real problem…when I look down on these “haters” when I begin to judge them, I become no better than they are.
It is easy to hate the haters but if we do we place ourselves in their group, we join their ranks. It is no more right to judge the judgmental, to condemn the condemning, to hate the haters, than it is for them to do those things to others.
I talked about this with a friend of mine Saturday night and then low and behold if Chris, my pastor, didn’t bring it up himself in service on Sunday.
All you haters out there please forgive me. And God, I also ask for your forgiveness and for your help in loving EVERYONE.
Loving the Haters…


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Good post I really enjoyed it a lot,and I don’t think you’re a Hater you’re just sick of Christians that walk in the flesh most of the time. I thank God for being patient with us “whew” it is sometimes easy to go there,but we do grow up because God knows what it take to get us there. No wonder the word speaks so much about love for treating people any old way will turn them away from Jesus. Father please help us to be willing to obey you,then help us do it.For pleasing you is what we desire more than anything.Amen
Love in Christ Pat
Numbers 6:24~26

Comment by pttyann

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