Man vs. Beast
January 13, 2009, 9:33 pm
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I was blessed by awesome gift of a free truck. Pretty cool huh? A free truck! I can dig that! Here’s the catch’s not really in the best of shape. It’s a 93 Chevy Silverado. I love that! I like older trucks, I think they have character. They have a story to tell. It’s the same with old houses…”Who has all lived here?” “What were they like?” “What kind of things went on here?” etc.
I don’t know if this truck has the best of stories to tell. It is white but half of it is actually primer gray where the white has come off. It has more than it’s share of dents. It has different colors of paint here and there (mostly in the bed and on the tailgate). The steering wheel is worn down to the thin metal ring that lies beneath the rubber. The dash is barely held on by screws that are the wrong size. The wheels don’t match. There is a hole the size of a softball in the muffler. The gasket on the pan of the transmition is worn out causing to leak transmition fluid profusely. The crazy thing about it…I love it!
It is the truck I (with my son) will fix up. It is the truck that we will learn out how to fix and fix it up (The most I know of how to fix a car is to call a mechanic-not this time though). We will paint it and make it look nice. Then we will take a step back and with pride appreciate the beauty the beast has become.
The journey has already begun. I just finished totally replacing the brake system. I changed out the brake calipers, the brake pads, the rotars, the brake hoses, bled the brakes, etc. Quite a feat for a guy like me. I was proud of my accomplishment thus far. I drove it around the block with my son and we shared 2 of the biggest smiles. It felt good. I can’t wait until we finish the rest!

Update – I went to drive it today and it wouldn’t start…looks like I will be adding a battery to the list of things to do…


PS – I can’t seem to find out how to rotate my pictures so if one of you want to throw some pointers my way…


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