“Nothing is too difficult for me!” -God
January 8, 2009, 10:04 pm
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Jeremiah 32:17 is one of my favorite verses and God has time and time again proven it to be true in our lives. Most recently with our adoption. Take a look at a few of the things God has done for us with our adoption…

-Chooses us to be the family for wonderful and beautiful boy from Haiti.
-Allows Debra’s photography business to pick up (which we are using to help fund the adoption).
-When things got moved up and time became of the essence God gave granted us (through the help of various beautiful people) with about $3000 in about 3 weeks.
-A wonderful lady from our church who is a teacher uses our story as she taught her class about Haiti and orphans there. She was reading them a book in which she ended up giving us with messages from each of her students written inside. She also made a donation in honor of each of her students.
-When we went to get our stuff authenticated and stamped at the Haitian consulate we barely caught the man there and once he finished he wouldn’t allow us to pay him (it was supposed to cost at least $350).
-When we were about $2K away from us being able to tuen in our paperwork and have Debra deliver it in person I asked some of our dear friends and family to pray for us. The next day we received a note in the mail that was sent a month earlier…inside was a check for $2K.
-When we went to book Debra’s flight the price had went up. That same day we received another donation that covered the difference.
-He allowed us to be blessed by having wonderful and beautiful people, some of which don’t even know us, become a part of our story.
-Thank you to God as He is to receive ALL the glory and thank you to those of you who have been praying and giving and following our story.

Nothing is too difficult for God!


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