Message In The Music…
September 4, 2008, 9:52 pm
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So there I was, in my car at 7:30 AM driving down FM 1960, when a Third Day song comes on the radio. At first I am only somewhat listening to the song as it provides background music for my trip. But then some of the words began to slowly penetrate into my conscious thought…”I must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God…”

These words hit home considering some of the feelings and emotions I have recently been toiling with…so I begin to listen more intently to the message in the words being sung.

As I did I thought of my bride, Debra, and her trip to Haiti when the group she was with had to trek up a huge mountain to get to one of their destination spots. The road was hard. It was long. And the climb was steep. I heard the stories of how difficult it was…of the buckets of sweat and the aches and pains (and other things… but we won’t go there Aaron). Some had to eventually seek the assistance of a donkey but they all made it and when they did there was relief, there was joy, there was satisfaction, and there was a sense of accomplishments. As they looked down and thought of what they just went through and it was all worth it.

In our journey following Christ the road can be long and hard at times. The valley can seem deep and dreary. The journey can seem endless. The pain and aches come, the sweat pours. When we get weary and it doesn’t seem like we can make it…relief comes…not in the form of a donkey but in the form of Christ the Liberating King. When faith fades and fear grows, when peace is being choked out by stress, when strength flees and exhaustion sets in, when we are weak…He is strong! We must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God! and the deeper the valley..the harder the journey…the sweeter it will be when we reach the top of the mountain!

Thank you God for speaking to my spirit today; for speaking peace and encouragement to my soul. Thank you for loving me enough to speak to me personally. Remind me of these words in my times of doubt!

Thought that I was all alone
Broken and afraid
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

And I didn’t even know
That I had lost my way
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

‘Til You opened up my eyes
I never knew
That I couldn’t ever make it
Without You

Even though the journey’s long
And I know the road is hard
Well, the One who’s gone before me
He will help me carry on
After all that I’ve been through
Now I realize the truth
That I must go through the valley
To stand upon the mountain of God

As I travel on the road
That You have lead me down
You are here with me
Yes, You are here with me
I have need for nothing more
Oh, now that I have found
That You are here with me
Yes, You are here with me

I confess from time to time
I lose my way
But You are always there
To bring me back again

Sometimes I think of where it is I’ve come from
And the things I’ve left behind
But of all I’ve had, what I possessed
Nothing can quite compare
With what’s in front of me
With what’s in front of me

Maybe these words don’t mean much to you…maybe they don’t speak to your inner being…but this morning it was if Mac Powell was singing those word just for me…and he was. God used his words to speak to me, to minister to me. Maybe, just maybe, they will speak to you as well. Be blessed!


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It was me. I was the FIRST to need to donkey to carry me up the mountain.

Comment by debraparker

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