Help save a life…
April 23, 2008, 10:07 pm
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“The facts about malaria are simple.

1 million people will die this year because they contracted malaria. Almost all of those cases can be prevented with mosquito nets, proper medicine to treat the disease, and good education. A $10 donation can buy a net for a family and take away the fear of going to sleep each night with the uncertainty of malaria hanging over you. $10, that’s it.

It really is that simple.” – Brian Seay’s blog

I actually heard about this today on the radio then I read Brian Seay’s blog and he was talking about it. Compassion is making it possible to provide people with nets to protect them from Malaria carrying mosquitoes for the measly amount of $10. He put forth a challenge to get 50 nets donated in 50 hours. Click here to help him reach his goal.


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Thank you for your words, Ernest. They have been an encouragement to me and an affirmation that what I’m doing it right. Your words have given me more anticipation to receive and give both letters and blessings with Dave and his family. Again, thank you.

Comment by chrisbrewster

thanks for the post! Let’s connect next week.

Comment by brianseay

Hey, it’s great to hear about the awesomeness that going on. Take a few seconds to read some funny stuff. I have tagged you. Go to my blog to find out why.

Comment by Chrissy

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