Satan’s a punk! But God is good.
April 16, 2008, 9:07 pm
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Satan is a punk! Emotions are exhausting. Life is crazy. The future still seems far away at times.

So many things are coming together and yet so much seems so far away. Satan has been fulfilling the whole roaming like a lion thing and has been doing his best at the steal, kill, and destroy part. So many things are happening and things seem to slowly be coming into place but I just get so tired. Tired of fighting sometimes, tired of losing battles, tired of being in this place of life, tired of worrying about this or that, tired of things going wrong, tired of being tired! Maybe I am too tired to be writing this entry. Am I really suppose to expose myself this much? Oh well, I am too tired to care!

There are just so many things I don’t understand and so many things I want to happen. I pray for strength and endurance. God is still good! We have joined AIM which will allow us to work with students and missions to reach out to those in need, all things we love. I have a hot, godly wife and two wonderful kids. I live in America which although has it’s issues is still one of the best countries in the world. I am not starving. I have clean drinking water. I have clothes to wear. I don’t have a life-threatening disease (that I know of).

Yes, I must say that God is still good!


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look up Psalm 34. I tried to put a link in the comment but I guess it did not work.

Comment by debraparker

You are so beautiful and God is so awesome! I just finished reading these same verses before you posted this comment!

Comment by Ernest

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