Spin Class Anyone?
February 12, 2008, 10:11 pm
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Okay, it’s called “Spin class”, how hard can it be? Oh my gosh! Don’t even go there.

I was suppose to meet with a new friend today for lunch. He had a noon workout planned today and invited me to join him. Sounded innocent and fun enough so I gladly accepted! It ended up being a Spin Class and it kicked the crap out of me! It was an hour long session and something tells me it wasn’t the beginner’s class.

That lady was mean! She was pretty intense and had zero mercy. There was a point I literally started getting a little light headed and thoughts of football off-season rushed through my mind as I felt like I might even puke. I looked over to my friend and asked if anybody had ever thrown up during one of the workouts…he just laughed and said probably.

He even said she was the nice one! Do not want to meet the others!

I am actually in pain as I speak…errrrr…write. My legs (calves and thighs) are tight and sore. Maybe I couldn’t make it on the real Biggest Loser.

It was very hard but also very fun and the rest of the day ended up being one of the best times I have had in a while!

Any of you ever take one of these classes?


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oh my goodness… yeah I took ONE exactly ONE RPM class here at the health club. Ow. I didn’t even know how to do the bike so the guy doing the class set it up for me. Yeah… don’t ask your instructor to help you if you don’t know how to lower the tension. But I have to say, I did feel better once I got over the soreness. Not enough to brave going back though. 🙂

Comment by Jen

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