My present battle…
February 11, 2008, 3:34 pm
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Here it goes…maybe I am crazy, maybe I am not…but here is what I battle with right now…

For any of you out there that actually know us or have kept up with my or my wife’s blog at all know that we are in transition and have been for a little while. We came to Houston for what was suppose to be a couple of weeks before we headed off to a new ministry that awaited us. Well, that ministry fell through and the couple of weeks have turned to several months.

We have searched God and have been stretched by Him and have grown in Him in a lot of ways. Our eyes have been opened to many new things, new people, the needs of others, the importance and urgency of doing what we can to meet the needs of others, and so much more. Our understanding of loving God, loving People has deepened and grown. We are thankful for what God has done for us and what He has done through us this time. We truly are.

He has awakened in us a new passion and we feel Him leading us to do ministry that connects students to the “least of these” around the world. Think about it, the largest and wealthiest generation in American history having their eyes opened and their hearts broken for the needs of others all around the world! Think about the impact for change that would make! Incredible possibilities.

Pray for us as we pray and seek for the right people, the right organization, etc. to partner with in this journey to fulfill this vision and dream God has embedded in us. We are so eager and ready to do!

Here’s where I make myself vulnerable and show my humanity. I am tired. I am tired of waiting. I am tired of being in this place of transition. Several months with no place to call your own, no steady income, no job, 2 kids that come home everyday from school and one of their first questions is, “Daddy, did you get a job? Are we moving yet?”

Although I know it’s not true, sometimes I feel like I am losing my identity here in the land of in between.

I feel like God put this passion, this vision, this dream in us and we know what we want to do for Him. We fully believe it is He who has given us these desires of our hearts…and yet, He keeps us waiting still. “Here are we God, send us!” Waiting and trusting is the toughest thing to do. Life can seem depressing here in the wilderness! Don’t you see us God? Don’t you hear our cries? Don’t you see our willingness? Isn’t it You that has placed this desire in our hearts? I know that the answer to all of these is yes. And yes, He loves us and cares for us. Waiting just gets tiring sometimes. I wonder how the Hebrews felt doing it for 40 years?

We were going to Whitewater in Branson, MO, and on the way we kept passing these hotels with swimming pools and our kids would ask, “Can’t we just go there? It’ll be fun. Let’s just go swim there!” They had no idea of what lie ahead in the form of Whitewater Water Park. They were so willing to settle for a small pool when a whole water park awaited them. I know God sees the big picture and sees the “water park” that lies ahead in our future, and yes, the pools do look inviting and tempting. Lord help us to wait and trust You for what lie ahead and never settle for the pools in our life.


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“Faithful is he who calleth you who also will do it!” I Thes 5:24

There were many days when I felt like God had left us out in the desert as well, but He would gently remind me that He is a faithful God and can be trusted…He is a God who will certainly follow through with His plans for us. If He has called you to a distant place, you will see it…Praying for ya’ll!

Comment by finding::God::in the everyday

Thanks! And guess what…you’re my 100th comment!

Comment by ernestparker

I love the swimming pool analogy. It sounds very Lewis-ish.

Comment by Robert C

Just wanted to let you know that Robert and I are thinking of you guys. We have been there and it’s hard, but you have the right mind set and you are very right about the bigger and better pool. Waiting shapes and molds use, but it can be a hard and painful process.

Comment by Shelly C.

Woo Hoo! Do I win lots of money? lol

Comment by finding::God::in the everyday

You want to be rocked and learn to be know the Scriptures like never before, come back and go to Grad School with me.

Comment by Chris Perry

Apparently Grad School doesn’t help much with ones grammar because I totally put the word ‘be’ in there where it didn’t belong. You get the point.

Comment by Chris Perry

I want to thank all of you for your encouragement…it truly does mean a lot!
Robert and Shelly – You guys are great…thanks so much!
Chris-good to hear from you! I appreciate the offer and I do want to further my education…but…I just don’t know that Springfield and now fit together.
I will be in Springfield next month! Maybe we can get together for a little bit!

Comment by Ernest

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