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February 6, 2008, 11:27 pm
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I am back in Houston! Last night in KY we had some friendly neighborhood tornadoes visit. They caused over 10,000 people to be without electricity…most of which were near the airport in Lexington where we were flying out of. We had to leave earlier than expected and I was tired.

When we arrived at the airport the deja vu began. We arrived at the counter to check in and found out that the flight had been canceled. It was going to cause me to get home later than originally planned but I talked to my new friend behind the counter and he worked some things out for me to go through Cincinnati instead of Chicago and actually got me home earlier than originally planned (I even was able to surprise my kids by picking them up from school). I was pretty happy about what my friend was able to work out for me but it was short lived as once again I was chosen to get the security “plus” package…(for details on the plus package refer to my previous post as I detail it out after winning it in H-Town as well).

The flight to Cincinnati was fine; it actually only lasted 16 minutes, but the flight from there to Houston put me next to another questionable suspect. He sat next to me and I look over and say, “Hey there, how’s it going?” He slowly turns my way, gives me a weird look, and said, “Making it!” A few seconds later he begins an argument…with himself! He starts making faces, arguing, making hand gestures, etc. all with and to himself.

In all actuality I am just glad to be home! Below are some pictures from the trip there (referenced to in my previous post)…

Terror suspect #1 (after the suspicious phone call he looked around and covered his head)
terror suspect

The great airline food…(I did good, turkey sandwhich with no mayo and carrots):

My seat (and head) literally inched away from lavatory door:

Beautiful view from my window:


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Love the pics! Thanks for sharing. I laughed for quite a long time. Love your blog sir!

Comment by Judy

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