One of those days…
February 5, 2008, 12:41 am
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It has definitely been one of those days. I have meetings in Kentucky until Wed. so I had to fly out this morning from Houston IAH. I had to be at the airport around 8AM. After rushing to get there I find out that my flight had been cancelled so I would now have to change airlines, recheck baggage, etc. They did get me a direct flight which was good but it also made me wait in the airport an extra hour. Then as I was going through the security checkpoint I found that I was the luck passenger who was selected for a random full search. They pull me aside and make me wait in this holding area while everyone looks at me as if I were a terrorist and then walk me through the metal detectors to an area called the bullpen which is a glass cage you have to wait in until they can pat you down and search your person… Once again everyone looking at me with extreme caution. (I should have began praying out loud to Allah but I didn’t)  They finally call for me to get “patted” down and as I look up there is a guy with a questionable smile on his face who was putting on latex gloves. I asked him if I was going to have to turn and cough…he didn’t say anything, just kept grinning. I finally make it through and they realize I am no threat so I proceed to my gate.

I get on the plane and find my seat, get all situated and ready to go when they ask me to move to the back of the plane because it was front heavy…Hello! I am not that big…am I? Anyway, the move me to the very back seat right in front of the restroom. In fact, if I laid my head back I would be less than a foot from the restroom door. Every time someone would go in and out I could smell it…not so pleasant.

I look to my right and there is a guy who is on his phone crouched down in the seat speaking in a different language while suspiciously looking around. He had a nervous twitch too which didn’t make me feel any more comfortable. I would normally think nothing of it but with the morning I was having… I even began to make plans on what I would do if he tried to hijack the plane. “Let’s Roll!” He ended up falling asleep and didn’t wake up until we landed.

I make it to Lexington and was waiting for another guy who was suppose to share a rental car with me down to Somerset where the meetings are. After waiting for an hour and a half he finally calls to tell me he hasn’t even made it to Chicago for his layover yet due to delays and so forth. I tried calling the people who we are having the meetings with and couldn’t get a hold of them. Finally they call me back and tell me to go ahead and get a car and drive down alone. It was a 2 hour trip and rained the whole way…

Oh yeah, did I mention I lost the biggest loser this week…once again lost more pounds but less percentage…

I took some pictures to post but couldn’t get them off of my phone to the computer for some reason…Network issues or something…anyway, I am here and I am alive and well and tomorrow is a new day!


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man, bro!! that’s rough!!! at least he didn’t make you “cough”! : )

thinking about you this week…keep me updated!

Comment by rbmarler

Wow, what a day! Satan really wants to keep you from that meeting, or at least have you go in feeling a little deflated. Praying some strength and peace over you!

Comment by Jen

Paul is reading over my shoulder and all I hear is “oh man, oh no…” over and over. I guess he’s feeling your pain. Of course, we are both laughing also…sorry about that! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Comment by finding::God::in the everyday

i can’t wait to see you….


Comment by debraparker

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