January 30, 2008, 11:15 am
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muffins with mom

Don’t you love those extra special days at your kids’ school? You know, the ones where you have to get up extra early and actually get fully dressed and ready to be “presentable” and eat breakfast with your kids. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE spending time with my kids. I LOVE eating breakfast with them. I LOVE the way it makes them feel special. I LOVE the way they love to show us off to their friends. It feels pretty cool for your kids to be proud to “show you off”. It’s the fact that you get there and there are hundreds of dads/ and or moms all waiting in a line that’s a mile long to get some little breakfast treat (if they don’t run out, which they too often do)  and then have only 2 minutes to actually sit down with your kid and eat it. To be honest I’d rather take them to IHOP or Denny’s.

Yesterday was one of those days. It was “Muffins with Mom”. Okay, you’re thinking “What are you complaining about? You’re not the mom!” This is true…but what is also true is they (our kids) decided they wanted Dad to come too. What? a dad at Muffins with Mom…is that legal? I mean, HELLO! I already went to “Donuts with Dad”…

Needless to say I went! In the midst of a hundred thousand moms there I was; the only man in the room not on the school’s payroll. I also had to wear this badge that read “MUFFINS WITH MOM”. The things you do for your kids!

It really wasn’t that bad…but I am still lobbying for IHOP next time!


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That is too cute. Kudos to you for going!

Comment by Jen

I just liked seeing you wear the Muffins with Mom name tag…what a loving dad.

Comment by debraparker

You gotta butch up the Muffins with Mom thing. It helps to high five the principal or perhaps give him the baseball rear end tap. Maybe spit like a man or punch somebody in the face.

Comment by Caleb

Caleb-I could but the principal is a woman…she was actually in my youth group in high school…I don’t think she or Debra would appreciate it too much…

Comment by ernestparker

i am so proud of you. you may not know now but this would be etched in you kids memory and its a cool thing to brag about
your kid: don’t even think about it! my dad loves me soooooooooooo much he ate 1 muffin among a thousand mums all for me. and then he led the line @ donuts with dad.
i think dts super.duper.lovely. keep it up. many years from now God willing,when they are grownup they’ll go extralenght to eat muffins with good ole dad

Comment by tolu. nigeria

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