Okay, help me…
January 28, 2008, 7:19 pm
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I am relatively new to this world of blogging. I only get about 200 visits/ day…okay, right now I actually average a meager 20-40 visits/ day and limited comments. Not really too big of a deal to me but if I am going to have a blog I need to try to make it as “successful” as possible. That’s where I need your help. How do you increase visits and comments to your sight? My wife says I don’t visit and comment other blogs enough. I will admit that I usually only look at the blogs in my bloglist unless one of those blogs reference another blog or someone tells me of a really good blog I should check out. I do try to comment everyone on my list at least once a week and sometimes more.

I have also been told that (besides The Biggest Loser) I usually only write about serious or theological stuff and people don’t always want to read that stuff. So….

Blog World help me out! What is the correct etiquette when it comes to the number of blogs you should read, how often you should comment, etc? Any other advice or tested and proven methods would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thanks Blog World!

P.S. The Biggest Loser Weigh-in #2 will be released later tonight…


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you’re a dork…but I love you anyway.

Comment by debraparker

Ok, I totally think it is because you don’t have an Ebert on your blogroll! JK

I have wondered the same things myself though, so let us know what you find out…guess that makes me a big dork also. Just so you know you’re not alone. lol

Comment by finding::God::in the everyday

I don’t have the world’s most popular blog, but it gets read by folks. And I’m continually surprised when someone I don’t know leaves a comment.

I’ve found what works for me is just to pursue what I am interested in. I write more for myself than for others. Obviously, I’d like others to read it otherwise I wouldn’t put it online, but my blog is a great place for me to take the ideas rattling around in my head and make some sense of them.

I think the same is true with reading other blogs. I don’t think I’ve ever left a comment on another blog just to get a trackback. I just join conversations that interest me, and often the people in that conversation end up being similar enough to me to enjoy reading my blog.

I probably write a dozen or so comment on various blogs each week. Often the same ones week after week, but I get around some too.

Comment by Shawn Coons

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