The Biggest Loser: Weigh-in #1
January 21, 2008, 9:24 pm
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biggest loser

Alright, the results for week one are in!

This morning Love and I weighed in and I must say that I feel much like Al Gore must have after the 2000 elections. He won the popular vote but lost the electoral votes and therefore lost the election to “W”. I lost more weight but she lost a higher percentage. Luckily it is just week 1.

In reality this is all in my master plan…I am trying to instill in her a false sense of security so she’ll let her guard down and “BAM” I come from nowhere and win this thing. Shhhh! Don’t tell her!

Anyway, here are the stats:

                                        Ernest         Debra
Original Weight:     227.5             133.5

New Weight:             224.5             131.5

Difference:                 -3                   -2

Percentage:              1.32%             1.5%

I know these are not “eye popping” numbers but hey, it’s pretty good for the first week (especially since yesterday we ate way too much at a Mexican restaurant). I promise, my faithful supporters, to not only lose more weight than her but to also lose a higher percentage next week.

Keep coming back each Monday to see who is on top!


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Well, I’m rooting for Debra, but NICE WORK!!

Comment by macsisney

was that Chuy’s sweetness on Sunday?!?! : )

Comment by rbmarler

That picture is the most hilarious thing we have ever seen!

Comment by Marcie

Wow! When I saw the picture I burst out with laughter in a quiet doctors office. The funny looks I got were worth it!

Comment by Caleb

Angela-I appreciate the affirmation!

Brandon-unfortunately no, we were in Humble so we settled for Casa Ole.

Marcie and Caleb-it is nice to see someone appreciates my hard work…I messed with Debra’s PS-CS3 and it was quite fun!

Comment by ernestparker

Oh yeah, the pic alone is worth a tiny bit of applause for you.

*just a tiny bit Debra, I’m still team Debra ALL the way!*

Comment by Jen

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