And the Biggest Loser is….
January 16, 2008, 4:14 pm
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Biggest Loser

And the biggest loser is…ME…well at least I hope it is. The competition is on! Me vs. Debra; Man vs. woman. Bragging rights and a professional massage on the line…

Why are we doing this? Because somewhere down the line I have become fat! I have been married 11 years and in that time I have gained 52.5 lbs and grew four sizes in my waist. How did that happen? Surely it wasn’t the chocolate covered mint Oreos or the gallons of Dr. Pepper I’ve ingested. We actually eat relatively healthy meals. We don’t fry our meals, in fact we mostly grill them (I do admit we eat fried foods while eating out sometimes). We do, however, eat too much fast food and I snack way too much!

All of this resulting in me now wearing a size 36 waist (snuggly) and weighing 227.5 lbs at our initial weigh in. Ughhh! The mirror has become my enemy! The only thing that saves me is that I am over 6 ft. tall but even that advantage is losing it’s effect.

I am fat and competitive so why not use one to combat the other?

We will be weighing in an posting updates weekly so help me out, I need the support!


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You are going to loose!!!

Comment by debra parker

GO Ernest! I mean… GO debra!! Oh Lordy…I think that Bran and I need to join up and then up the ante’s and see who takes the win! Ernest, I don’t think you know how competitive I am…have you seen me race for my seat at Beth? I know…it’s embarassing! Supporting you all the way!!

Comment by sbeth3

This is hysterical…and awesome at the same time.

You better watch out for Sharla…you know she ‘keys cars’!!! : )

Comment by rbmarler

I would say good luck but I think Debra is going to win. Haha!! Just teasin’. Good luck!

Comment by jenrector

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