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December 19, 2007, 10:40 am
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I always try to visit the site of people who leave me a comment. After my last post, this person left a comment and as I viewed their site I found an interesting entry. I have read books such as Dave Kimbell’s They Love Jesus but Not The Church which touch on this subject but this comes straight from the heart of a college student who is experiencing, living, and seeing this on a constant basis.

“It seems that a lot of adult ministers are facing a dilemma in the world.  Christianity and church are running becoming increasingly unpopular in my generation.  I can attest to being one of the many who doesn’t go to church very often.  I believe God, however, but the God I see being represented in the media is not the God me and my peers believe in.  In addition, the cult like atmosphere of church makes us uncomfortable.  We are a generation of freedom, not restriction…”

This probably isn’t “earth-shattering” news for some of us but it is definitely important for us to know and understand if we desire to make a difference. This is an entry from a college student about the way their generation views the church and why interest in the church in this age group is waining.

To read the rest of this entry click here.


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