Singing In The Rain
November 23, 2007, 8:55 am
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On Wed. night we returned to Montrose Street Reach in Houston, a service for the homeless and less-fortunate in the area (you can read about it here) to help out with their Thanksgiving feast. The plans were to set up tables, decorate them, and have the people sit at them while we all ministered and served (literally) them. There was Turkey, ham, dressing, gravy, macaroni and cheese, and deserts just to name some of the food. The tables were set, the candles were lit, the people were seated, and the rain came. Not just a drizzle or sprinkle; it poured. Thunder clashed while lightening danced across the sky. We scrambled to cover the food and save the equipment and figure out what to do. Out of over seven years of doing this they said it was the first time they have been rained on.

You may be thinking “disaster”, “end of the night”, etc. but that was not the case. What happened? Music played, people danced, people praised, people laughed, and people sang. Right there in the middle of Houston in a parking lot with a monsoon coming through their was joy and worship. It was a sight to behold. My kids joined in as I watched them do the same. My son danced like he has never danced before. My fatherly instinct was to cover them up, run for shelter, and keep them as far away from the elements as possible but I didn’t. Maybe any normal parent would but I never claimed to be normal (normal is boring anyway). I held back and watched and thanked God for what I was taking in.

The rain, thunder, and lightning came and went bringing with it a 20 degree drop in temperature but it was dry once again so we had the feast. With it now cold we did end up giving in to rational and my wife took the kids, dried them off, and kept them in the car with the heater while I stayed and helped. I carried plates, got some refills for people, picked up trash, gave lonely people a listening ear, it was great. I had the time of my life.

As I was just standing there watching everyone eat to they couldn’t eat anymore I noticed I was smiling. It wasn’t intentional or forced, it was just there. I then began to pay attention to what I was feeling and there was a warmth, a love, a joy, and a peace inside that you don’t experience (at least I don’t) everyday.

God is doing something in my heart and in my wife’s heart. Not only ours but in the hearts of some others we have had the privilege of encountering in one way or another. It’s a stirring inside to be different, to be a part of something different, to make a difference! My wife and I were talking about it yesterday…We don’t want to be something or someone big for God, we want to be a part of something big for God; something bigger than ourselves.

I truly think God is going to oblige. I say “Bring the rain, God, I am ready to dance!”


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I just don’t think I will ever forget that night.

Comment by debra parker

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