Outside The Walls pt.2
November 15, 2007, 3:36 pm
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I recently wrote a post called “Outside The Walls: Taking God’s House To The Streets”. Well last night we decided to go beyond being intrigued and we sought to experience. Shane Claiborne in his book, Irresistible Revolution, talked about a time when He spoke with Mother Theresa about her work in Calcutta India and she told him to come see for himself.

After reading the article in the Houston Chronicle (mentioned in the original post and linked for you to view) we were intrigued and interested about what actually went on at these services for the homeless in downtown Houston so I called Martin and Kim Dale of YWAM Houston. We had a great conversation where we talked about God, ministry, our hearts for others, etc. It ended with an invitation, “Come and see for yourself.” So last night we did (actually we tried last week but I wrote down the wrong street name and we never found it…shhhh…don’t tell anyone). We even took our 2 kids with us. It is our desire for them to experience ministry too and to see what it means to Love God, Love People (even those deemed unlovable).

So what did we see? We saw cross-dressers, addicts, prostitutes, homeless, gang members, and more. Most importantly, we saw God’s love.  There were games for the crowd to get involved in and even have a chance to win some essentials, there was singing, worship, an illusionist, a message, and after the services food.  There was clothes for them to take. There was free toothpaste and soap. There were opportunities for help getting rehab and getting off of the streets. There were opportunities for help in getting a job.

When the people there were looked at it wasn’t with eyes of disgust or condemnation, it wasn’t with eyes that looked down upon them or despised them, it was eyes full of love and compassion. When Jesus looked out upon the multitudes He was moved with compassion. Shouldn’t we be moved as well?

Anyway, next Wed. (November 21) at 6pm you will find us in downtown Houston helping set up tables and chairs getting ready for a Thanksgiving dinner prepared just for them. Most of these people have never experienced real genuine love before. They can at this service where the “unlovable” are loved.

If you are ever in the Houston area on a Wed. night I suggest you go check it out.


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