Why Does God Allow Evil?
November 5, 2007, 12:07 pm
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Why does God allow evil? 

If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world? 

Why do we have war and murder, violence after violence, famine after famine? 

Why do innocent children die at the hands of cruel men? 

Why do things like pornography, alcohol, and drugs tear families apart? 

Why this?  Why that?  Why do we suffer needlessly?  Why? 

How many of you have ever asked that question? 

I have been asked this question numerous times.  And while I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about this, I will at least attempt to give us some direction in our thinking about this issue.

My hope is that we will have a clearer perspective not only about the problem of evil and suffering, but more importantly, a clearer perspective of the sovereignty or power of God. 

So, Why does God allow evil?

There is a line of reasoning that goes something like this:

  • A good God would destroy evil.
  • An all-powerful God could destroy evil.
  • Evil is not destroyed.
  • Therefore, there cannot possibly be such a good and powerful God.

On the surface, to someone not grounded in Scripture who has experienced some form of tragedy, this would seem logical.  After all, if God were good and all-powerful, wouldn’t it stand to reason that He would destroy the evil that plagues our world? 

Then why doesn’t He?  Could it be that He is really not a good God?  Look at Psalm 34:8

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. 

Could it be that He is not all-powerful?  I don’t think so.  Look at Isaiah 40: 25-26

“To whom will you compare Me? Or who is My equal?”  says the Holy One.  Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: who created all of these?  He brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name.  Because of His great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

I would definitely have to say that the Creator of the Universe is plenty powerful! 

But, there are some things He cannot do! 

1st, God cannot lie – Numbers 23:19

2nd, James tells us that God cannot be tempted, nor can He tempt people to sin. 

In other words, God cannot do anything out of His character.  The reason God cannot lie is because He is truth.  He cannot tempt to sin because He is pure and holy. 

He also can’t undo the past, create a square triangle, or make what is false true. 

So what do we make of this?  God is good and He is all-powerful to perform any and all things within His character, and yet we have evil. 

I want you to listen closely.  This is a little theological so hang with me… 

God could not eliminate evil without eliminating the possibility of accomplishing other goals that are important to Him. God created humans in His own image, capable of having and sustaining a personal relationship with Him.  But to really be in His image, they have to be capable of freely loving Him and following His will without being forced

And, creatures who are free to love God must also be free to hate or ignore Him.  And when people act in ways outside the will of God, great evil and suffering is the ultimate result. God is capable of destroying evil – but not without destroying human freedom. 

A professor by the name of Norman Geisler says this about it.  “The free choice of humans is the source of evil.”  He used the analogy of rust.  “Rust does not exist on its own; it’s a part of the metal.  The same is true with evil.  It does not exist on its own; it is part of our make-up as a result of the fall.”

The reason God doesn’t destroy evil is because He would have to destroy us as well.

I know this only scratches the surface but there is only so much you can put in a blog. This is the basics as to why a loving and all-powerful God would allow evil. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them…


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God did not alowed evil to enter this world of ours, Adam did . God created this world with all the protection from outside element, including evil, as you call it . When HE gave Adam authority as a caretaker of this world , Adam transgress the law of God and thats the time SIN enter this world . So don’t blame God about evil that roam this world , blame it to Adam. And you why he did not evil ? because he set a certain day in which to judge the world. He will put Satan, and all his angels , and Sin , and Death , in the lake of Fire . And that include all men that follow Satan .
If you want to know more , just look for this guy at his website ,, He will answer all your querries pertaining to religion and the bible.

God bless,

Comment by dove124

correction: I type “And you why he did not evil ?” It should have been , ” And you know why he did not destroy evil”.
Sorry about it.

Comment by dove124

If god created everything, doesn’t it stand to reason he also created evil and we just choose it?

If we were created in his image, isn’t it reasonable to believe god is capable of evil as well?

Comment by madmonq

Very clear and articulate. I usually don’t like the words “God can’t,” because God is accountable to no one but Himself, I prefer “God won’t.” Either way, these are good words.

“The reason God doesn’t destroy evil is because He would have to destroy us as well.”

Also very well put, I was thinking this as I was reading and I’m glad it was acknowledged.

Comment by William Petruzzo

Its all a matter of semantics, definitions, and perspective … however, perhaps “God” is representative of the “Absolute” — One — indivisible, and given that “we” live in the realm of “duality” (more than one) it stands to reason that duality also infers “opposites”, meaning that we cannot have “something” without the “other”. We would not be able to experience without opposites, because we would have “no-thing” to compare with and hence would not be enabled to make choices, eg. good – bad, right -wrong, day -night.
“God” cannot live or abide within this world as “It” is the Creator (so to speak) of the world (as we know it), and God as such actually exists outside of the “creation” — the ultimate Consciousness. “We” as re-presentatives of “god”, in the many fragmented reflections, hence can only contain a small “fragment” or “spark” of Divine-essence within, and are not the “whole” or total. etc, etc, blah-de-blah … 😉

Comment by Crowmanic

I don’t understand how you can find this argument convincing. The idea that freedom to do something (evil) requires people to be inclined to do evil makes no sense.

Nor does it explain at all things like vast natural disasters that most certainly do evil, or mental diseases that cause people to mistake reality and commit evil acts without understanding what they are doing. There is no particular point to having these sorts of things in the world. Indeed, modern societies that have cures for them or ways of avoiding them get along fine: great, even. So what was the purpose of having societies in which these things dominated people’s lives? You can invent all sorts of ad hoc stories about why, but none of them really add up.

Comment by Bad

I would like to respond to a few people above. Bottom line – you cannot have spiritual discernment without spiritual eyes to see God and His wisdom – His plan. We live in the natural – but really knowing God is a supernatural thing. Until you have experienced His supernatural power in your life – you cannot understand God. Blessings dear ones. Thanks for this post Ernest – it opened my eyes.

Comment by Judy

Awesome!!! Thanks for all of your comments! I love seeing the different views and opinions expressed here. This is what I hoped for with my blogs.

dove124-I’m not blaming God for the evil or sin in this world, I am saying it is a result of man’s free-will to choose right from wrong, to love or reject God, etc.

madmong-Good points and great questions. God may be “capable” if evil but will not be or do anything evil as it goes against the very character of who He is. We were created in His image, but that image was marred at the fall when Adam chose to disobey God and brought sin into this world and through that choice imputed sin to all mankind.

William-thanks for the encouragement and I totally see where you are coming from with the “can’t/ won’t” thing…

Crowmanic-deep! free-will does exist on the basis of opposites. In order to have a choice and express free-will there must be different things to choose from. I also would agree that we are “incomplete” in our “representation” of God. We are finite, fallible creatures and God is infinite and infallible (along with many other things we are not). I do believe, however, that God is a personable God and that He desires relationship with us, “His creation”, and we can experience a personal relationship with God.

Bad-It is undeniable that we all have tendencies and are inclined at times to do wrong; whether it’s lying (even the little white ones), stealing (even answers in school), lust, etc… With those tendencies comes choice and with that choice comes consequences and so on. I believe that even natural disasters, diseases, etc. are a result of evil which is a result of sin which is a result of free choice. Even if it is not a direct result then a result of the fall and the consequences of that.

Thanks again for all of your comments. I welcome different views and opinions…

Comment by ernestparker

Right. God had to create it in order for man to choose it, no?

Comment by madmonq

Thank you! You articulated this clearly and simply. You really broke it down for me in a way I could understand. God bless!

Comment by Hayley

just to add my bit – it sems to make sense for example, if all we had was GOOD how can we appreciate it without the comparison to BAD? My Personal slat is that God created man to have a relationship with. Lets forget the origins of Satan who was initially Lucifer the Angel. he fell through pride (that alone causes me a whole string of questions) but i want to level off at the plateau that God simply allowed it (for his own divine purpose which we are incapabale of grasping). Following that he knew that he would ultimately restore the balance by eliminating evil. However Adam in his naivety and foolishness brought sin into the world. A bit like a diseas, once it gets started it goes on and on, spreading naturally in itself. Thus the reason why evil exists so rife in the world. It was intended to be so but God simply allowed it knowing that he will destraoy it ultimately. The problem we may have is time. Remember that God is infinite and is not constrained by time like man. So i reckon a few millions of years is nothing to him in thet real of existence. He will ultimately remove evil from the world and to him it may seem like it existed only for a second. Analogy with time travel i guess. Just my slant to try to understand something which is way above our human scope. Thanks to All.

Odd Monk – 9/12/2007

Comment by Odd Monk

Addendum from odd monk – I made an typo. I meant to type It was NOT intended to be so but God simply allowed it knowing that he will destroy it ultimately.

Comment by Odd Monk


God did not created evil as tool for you to use as an alternative choice. What God gave man is freewill.The freedom to choose to obey or not to obey His will .
Consider Adam, the serpent know that he cannot convince Adam to disregard the commandment of God. That’s why he focus his attention to Eve. And because of her weakness, she gave in to the serpent’s will. Now, when Eve gave Adam the fruit, Adam now had to use that freewill, and made a fatal choice, and that’s were SIN enter the world.Adam opens the the door of the world to evil.

Comment by dove124

revealing! but if we should blame adam,did God not know that man was going to fall. also a friend keeps argued that if the bible is entirely true then,the garden of eden can be found. she based this on the fact that noah’s ark was. there so many mysteries.

Comment by tolu. nigeria

At first, God created a perfect world. He desired that man have a relationship with him. Man cannot have relation with God if he doesn’t have the ability to choose. If I have a robot that I create for myself to do as I please, to engage me in coversation to make me feel better, it won’t work. Tho he can do all of these things, he has no emotion. No spirit that connects with mine. God has like passions as we do. When we hurt, he hurts, when we are happy so is he. God didnt make us so we could just do perfect things. When Lucifer was banished from Heaven Sin started. Because God sought fellowship He made us. To have fellowship instead of ownership, God gave the ability of free choice. Because of free choice, Man bought the sin. Now we still have free choice, God offers options but we decide the course.

Comment by Canaan Hackler

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Comment by sandrar

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Comment by black celebs

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