Covered In Dust
October 17, 2007, 3:41 pm
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What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ and what does that look like? When a Rabbi called out to a Talmadim to follow him as his disciple what he was in essence saying was that he felt that the Talmadim could be like him and do what he did. So when Jesus called the smelly fishermen and the crooked tax collector and us to follow him he was telling us we could be like him. Try to truly wrap your mind around that! Christ believed that we can be like Him.

Rob Bell did a great job explaining this in his video “Dust”. He also talked about how the new disciple would follow so close to the Rabbi that they would get covered in the dust of their Rabbi that was kicked up from the ground as they walked. Because of this there was a saying, “May you covered in the dust of your Rabbi”.

I recently read The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus and that coupled with Rob Bell’s video began to make me think…

If we truly followed Christ so close that we were covered in His dust, then where would that lead us? Christ went to the garden where He prayed so intently that His sweat was like blood and He cried out to God, “Let this cup pass from me, BUT IF NOT, not my will but yours be done.” Then He went to the cross and died. 10 out of the remaining 11 disciples all died a martyrs death. The 11th was exciled on the Island of Patmus .

That’s where following Christ got them. Here’s the crazy thing…they were glad to do it. Peter once even said, “I count it a blessing to be persecuted for Christ.”

Are you willing to follow Christ there? Am I? He may not lead us there, but He may. Are you willing? Do you really have what it takes to be covered in the dust of Christ? We need to be. Are you willing to say like Christ, “not my will but yours”?

If you want to truly be a disciple of Christ you need to be so willing. Christ didn’t say, “Pick up your Lazy Boy and follow me.” He said, “Pick up your CROSS and follow me.”

I had to truly ask myself if I would be willing to follow Him there? Are you willing?


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