What is it with Haiti?
October 16, 2007, 11:49 am
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It all started back about 8 months ago. My wife was reading through different blogs and stuff and came along a picture of Islande, a beautiful little Haitian girl. Her parents had died and her uncle couldn’t raise her for some reason. That picture stole our hearts. My wife made some inquiries about possibly adopting her and found that her uncle didn’t want her to leave Haiti. We began to read about Haiti and the need there. My wife also reads a blog from some missionaries over there. We began to pray about adopting from there and got all of the paperwork and began to go through it. Unfortunately things in our lives began to also change at that time and we found out that we would soon have to be moving which meant we wouldn’t have our own house for a little while and would be in between jobs. For obvious reasons you can’t adopt if you don’t have your own house or a steady job so we had to put the adoption process on hold.

We have been keeping up with kids who are need of love and care in Haiti through another blog from a rescue center there. We see the kids there and the way they come in all malnourished and then are brought to health again (sometimes). We keep up with them and pray for them. Our kids really like one named Ronel.

Anyway, my dad comes to me out of nowhere and says, “Guess where I am going.” “I don’t know, where?” He told me he was going to be going to Haiti for a missions trip. He was invited by Mission of Hope, Haiti. I was envious to say the least. He recently returned and told of the conditions the nation was in and how there was a constant stench in the air from the trash being burned and the lack of sanitary means. His heart was touched though as he spoke of the people and the kids. He was able to come home; they are still there in those conditions.

We have people we know that are now adopting a child from Haiti. You can help or read more about it here.

Then, as we were at the Song of Solomon conference, a man from Compassion International gets up to speak and tells a story of when he went to Haiti and how it forever changed his life. Once again there was Haiti so I went to talk to him about it. As we talked we realized we shared some of the same feelings and passions. His name was Josh Finklea. He showed me pictures of his 2 beautiful children, both adopted from Haiti. Crazy!

I don’t know…but we will definitely be praying for Haiti and those over there. And hopefully one day we will be able to go over there ourselves. Maybe one day it will be to pick up our new son or daughter…


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One of our church families are missionaries in Haiti right now. We might be headed over there in the next couple of years for a trip.

Comment by Robert Conn

WOW! Is God good or what!!!! I will be praying for you both on this matter and for Haiti.

Comment by Judy Works

I went to Haiti in August and it changed my life. The adoption process over there is a mess though! Insane, but it is worth everything in the end.

Because of Haiti I’ve decided to devote my life to humanitarian work. Which, is pretty much what my blog is about. Keep praying for Haiti and I hope one day very soon you will be able to experience what I did. Good luck with your adoption.

Comment by ruttuck

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