The Weekend
October 15, 2007, 5:15 pm
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Finally…familiar friendly faces! Friday night our good friends Reagan and Caleb
from San Antonio came into town to go with us to the Song of Solomon’s Everlasting Love Tour at the Fellowship of the Woodlands. Matt Chandler was the speaker and he did a great job taking a beautiful book and revealing the treasure within. Hanging with friends was a breath of fresh air! We even had an added bonus…during one of the breaks during the conference I received a phone call from some other friends of ours, Ron and Susan, who are missionaries to New York City. They just happened to be going to Houston at the same time the conference was over and traveling the same hwy that would take them right where we were. We were able to see the whole family. We haven’t been able to see Susan and the kids for 5 years. God is awesome. He knew how much we needed some normalcy and a break from our present reality. IHOP until1:30am…good stuff!


Got up early and returned to the 2nd half of the conference. When it was over we went to eat at Johnny
Rockets and walked around the Woodlands Market Street. We then headed home and relaxed and just hung out with Caleb and Reagan and fell asleep watching college football. At 5:30 we had to head over to Atascocita. My beautiful wife had a photo shoot. Caleb actually owns my wife’s “dream camera” and he allowed her to use it for her shoot. She had a blast and I love to see her smile like she was. That night we returned to FOTW for the Saturday evening service.


Slept in a little. My mom bought my kids some little Lowe’s home project kits so while everyone else was still in bed the kids an I went out on the back porch and spent time together building their little projects. The girl made a napkin holder and the boy made a picture frame. I taught them how to use a hammer and they both did their own work. It was very fulfilling. I love my kids and spending time with them. They ate up every minute of it. Everyone else got up, we ate pancakes, and after all taking showers (1 at a time) and getting ready the guys started to grill, cooked some steaks, and watched the crappiest example of an NFL game I ever witnessed. Why do I even like watching it anyway? (this is not a sign that I will stop watching it anytime soon…sorry Debra) spent the evening watching the Disney Channel with the boy while the girl was at a kids rally.

It was a good weekend…


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yes, it was!!!!

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