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October 12, 2007, 12:54 am
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good day

It started this morning when my dad called me and invited me to go the Administaff Small Business Classic at Augusta Pines in the Woodlands. I like to attempt to play golf when I get a chance but I am absolutely no good and I refuse to spend the time and money on it that it would take to get good. I also have to admit that the idea of watching golf rather than playing it isn’t that compelling to me but it was a chance to spend some time with my dad and do something I had never done before. Today was the Pro-Am so it was more casual than it will be the next 3 days when the actual Senior’s tour competition begins. When we got there I was taken back by the grandness of it all. We really didn’t know who was where or where we should go so we just went to the closest group of players that were teeing off. As we approached the tee box we noticed it was none other than Arnold Palmer. I don’t know much about professional golf but Arnold is like one of its icons.

We decided to just take it easy and follow that group for a while. As we were watching a guy came walking up and as I looked I noticed he looked familiar. It was Roger Clemens (AKA The Rocket) who is a pitching icon of the MLB. I have to admit that I always have admired his talent but my feelings were hurt when he left the Astros to return to play for the Yankees. And for some reason he always seemed like someone who would be arrogant and unapproachable. I really don’t know why I had that perception but I did. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong. He was very approachable and very nice. I was completely impressed by him and his actions today. He was talking to people like they were old friends (some may have been). He even showed me his World Series Championship ring from NY…unbelievable! It is probably worth more than my house. The same was true for Arnold. Very friendly and very approachable. I didn’t get any for me but my dad had me getting autographs for him. Unfortunately we didn’t take our camera because we thought they weren’t allowed…we found out that rule didn’t go into effect until tomorrow when the actual tournament begins. When it was time to go we finished it off with good ol’ Texas Bar-B-Q. It was a good time.

Then to finish the day off I had the privilege and joy of going to my sons little league game. I love to watch him play. At this stage in his life baseball is just about everything. He asks every day for me to go play ball with him. Sometimes the whole family goes out there and we play “Parker Baseball”. Good times; good memories. We lost the game 8-4 but my son threw 3 guys out a 1st, 2 at 2nd, and made some plays himself at 2nd. Not only that but he was 3 for 4 batting and had an awesome slide into home plate for the first score for our team. That’s my boy!!! (I’m not proud or anything)

Anyways, that was my day. Sadly it was much better than the day people in Cabaret Haiti had. Please pray for Haiti as they had severe flooding causing damages and deaths. Good night!


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